The drum



In search of environmental sustainability and solutions to address pollution and social inequality I undertook a journey … I confirmed that the solution is not outside … is on us.
This work is fully artistic, non-commercial purposes. It encourages the promotion, distribution and even helps to improve the quality and expand the message.

Infinite thanks to those who with their work, beliefs, and lifestyle experience inspired me to undertake this project to its end; Thanks to all who have accompanied this trip in one or another form, which is not connected to any school or workplace work. It is simply a call, a memory, an expression that I had to perform. It is for you, for us, for them and for all who want to take the time to watch and listen. The information expressed here is not my property, it is the same message from many ancestors from different cultures around the world towards future generations and our own welfare as humanity. For editing we used Adobe Premiere and some sections from other videos which I leave here:

I deeply appreciate the participation of the people and the communities visited and interviewed (both which are included in the video such as those who were not).
More information on the sources:

The shots were taken between February 2012 and November 2013 in different parts of Latin America, India and Scandinavia.
We encourage the distribution of this video especially for pedagogical and practical  purposes.
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