SXA BWE’S – Connection with Mother Earth


The first contact Edilfredo had with the land, was the day of his birth, according to the traditions of the Nasa indigenous people in Colombia, her mother buried the umbilical cord, because it is the land who fed her womb, the umbilical cord is the first loop of Edilfredo with Mother Earth. However, the challenges of growing up in poverty in the rural sector are enormous and Edilfredo ties with the land were dilating and hardening.

At 13 Edilfredo began harvesting coca leaves and consider integrated into illegal armed groups. Edilfredo now 17, and has rediscovered his connection with the Earth, with her mother, and is working with the indigenous guard and within their community, teaching the cultivation of various products that nourish the human body, the Indian spirit and the natural environment.

This short documentary was produced in 2008 by Polimorfo and Listen UP, and is directed by Pedro Pablo Tatay Colombian filmmaker laureate, here below is a trailer for the video.