Rapping at fear


Polimorfo, the producer who formed the famous filmmaker Pedro Pablo Tatay, along with Gabriel Bize and Solange Queirolo, as part of their social work, is in the area of audiovisual production for children and young families who live in Bogotá, who arrived in situation forced displacement due to violence within the country.

These young people explored their fears and how to address them, thus resulting in this documentary, which is part of the “Beyond Borders” project, of LISTEN UP organization.

It tells the story of Andrew, a 13-year-old who likes to compose and sing rap to denounce, through his songs, the events that affect their community. Andres is afraid of being “silenced” by groups of “social cleansing” that work in the neighborhood, and threaten the lives of its inhabitants. Nevertheless, he go ahead with the rap, because it is how you help your people. Another beautiful work of Pedro Pablo Tatay and Polimorfo invite you to see.