Quintín Lame, Peoples Root


Quintín Lame was the most prominent leader in the 20th century Colombia. Born in the
Popayan municipality, experienced war’s violence during his childhood and notices while serving at the conservative army which enlisted him of all the injustices committed against his own people. Soon he began one of the most important and dazzling indigenous movements for recovering in his country his people rights.

Quintín raises up after this subjugation period, and commands an arduous struggle against violence and the outrages directed toward the indigenous communities, denouncing multiple aggressions, weakened rights, the disregarding of the indigenous peoples in their condition of being different but no least. His movement was the beginning of the nowadays strive for regaining their territory, culture and autonomy.

This lengthy documentary is the sum of much efforts, as for it’s production as it’s form it’s realization. Directed by the renowned filmmaker Pedro Pablo Tatay, features the participation of musicians like Héctor Buitrago (from the musical band Aterciopelados) and Sol Okarina. We invite you to see the official trailer of this recently first shown.