It is a Paraguayan film, which tells about the life of the guitarist of origin Guaraní, Agustin Barrios, a poetic character, bohemian, adventurer, a guitarist classical guitar student and graduated from the National School of the Capital, where he was promoted due to their exceptional quality and where he finished his music studies.

Later, from a presentation made in Bahia, Brazil, he was presented and became known as Nitsuga Mangore, where “Mangore” is the name of a Guarani chief who opposed fierce resistance of the Spanish conquest, but ended up dying of love, and “Nitsuga” is nothing but “Agustin” backwards, also adopted the custom of wearing traditional costumes of Paraguay. Agustin Barrios with his great talent also came to philosophy, poetry, and theology.

The film produced in Paraguay and co-produced in Argentina, was directed by Chilean director Luis R. Vera, who also wrote the screenplay for the film, which was recently released in the month of last August, we leave a trailer for your consideration.

Coming soon will be available the full version of the film Mangore.

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