Making Peace with the Earth


The tragedy of 13th November 2015 in Paris calls on all of humanity to respond to the escalating and vicious cycles of violence by creating virtuous circles of peace.

The forgetting and erasure of the root causes of the Syrian crisis – in the degradation and desertification of land because of the imposition of non sustainable Industrial agriculture in the fragile ecosystem of what was the fertile crescent, where agriculture started 12,000 years ago – will prevent us from finding real and lasting solutions. The uprooting of peoples and creation of refugees, and destabilisation of societies is intimately linked to the processes that are destabilising the climate system.

Half of the Climate Crisis has been caused by the industrial food system. With organic farming, we make peace with the earth, by addressing climate change, and peace among people by stopping the large scale uprooting of humanity from their homelands.

There can be no peace among people unless we make peace with the Earth.