Aspartame is a poison found inside Diet Coke


Aspartame is a poison found inside Diet Coke.Repeated information attempts with talking and informing with outdoor Diet Coke teams has drawn a blank .The Coke teams continue to chuck out the free drinks Diet coke laced with Aspartame onto the uninformed Irish Public. From now on I will attempt to inform the Irish people of this hazard with more vigerious means which might include in some cases using a bull horn to get the Diet Coke people to remove this Aspartame poison from
thier product Diet Coke.If other wish they may chose to copy these methods.Other methods is too keep hounding the local shops why do they sell these toxic products in thier shops .Shops are at the front line and dont like the word poison to be said in thier shops and will quickly remove products assosated with this type of word