Healing Music Festival: Where Ritual and Music meets


Attending to the Healing Music Festival (Música del Corazón) is a visual and musical delight. Held in the Riviera Maya, whose lush blue white sandy beaches remind us to paradise, this annual Festival is where music comes from the heart to the hearts. “Our vision is to unify and raise awareness through music, sound and dance,medicines from the soul, to preserve the original culture, promote inner peace and promote collective interaction and community  ” states Syl Valenzuela, producer and visionary of this festival.

Música del Corazón 2014 photography by Marco Boldrin

With the firm conviction that music can change our thinking and behavior towards Mother Earth, this festival takes this adventure to bring together musicians and artists of various disciplines and house them into the Mayan jungle where incenses and ceremonies of different traditions cohabit.

In its first edition, December 2014, great artists performed such as Malika from Colombia, the Venezuelan singer Jesus Hidalgo, Paloma Devi with songs of kundalini tradition, new age musicianbPablo Arellano, Sidharta Siliceo in the Sitar, mantras with Qüirio and Bruno Masur among others who lit this prayer.

Música del Corazón 2014 photography by Dream Catcher Photography

“Music reconnects us with our ancestral memory, our origin, our peace, our roots to the evolution of consciousness through this sacred language” says Cynthia Sanchez, co-producer of the festival and part of the self-appointed “Tribe”. The “Tribe” goes beyond this festival, seeking to link works and similar productions like international festivals such as the Chaski Fest in Colombia, Xicome in México or Todo el Mundo dice Aho in Miami.

Música del Corazón 2014 photography by Dream Catcher Photography
Música del Corazón 2014 photography by Dream Catcher Photography

As part of the audience, the sound is exquisite with a brilliant repertoire. You can find dances of different styles and colorful prehispanic music blended with African and Oriental sounds that will help you connect with the roots of the planet. impeccable executions, meditations and prayers from all over the world are the characteristics of this festival. The message of Healing Music Festival is to live in community, to eliminate borders, weapons, greed, discrimination and exploitation of Mother Earth.  We look forward to the second edition of this festival that will take place in 2016.

Música del Corazón 2014 photography by Dream Catcher Photography

Mor Info: http://www.musicadelcorazon.mx/