Rights of Mother Nature




What is the “Rights of Mother Nature”?

It is a global initiative that unites individuals and organizations seeking to provide rights to Nature by which the welfare of Mother Earth can be ensured, in the same way as currently human rights are exercised.

Which are the campaigns currently taking place?

There are many examples in various countries of initiatives for the rights of nature, however currently the major campaigns are:

  1. Rights of Nature globally: strategy to collect signatures online through the page referred at the end of this paragraph, for the worldwide recognition of a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Nature, respected by all countries. It is operated by the Permanent Court for the Rights of Nature (in which dr. Vandana Shiva is a chosen judge), and which reunites at various locations to evaluate individual cases of these rights violations, establishing the responsible ones.


  1. Rights of Nature Europe: movement led by Mumta Ito, rights activist within the European Union. Currently no signatures are being collected, as they are working on promoting the initiative worldwide and the collection of signatures will be launched in 2016.
  2. Rights of Nature in Colombia: led by the indigenous leader Ati Quigua. This movement seeks to incorporate in Colombia’s Constitution the Rights of Nature. Signatures are still being collected for it.
  3. In countries like Bolivia and Ecuador the Rights of Nature already exists and the job now is to develop an effective system for its application.

How to participate?

The World Conscious Pact is formulating the Organizational Plan for the Rights of Mother Nature, by which people around the world can have the necessary means to become advocates for this cause.

You can participate as a coordinator or as an activist collecting signatures.



Encourages others by his example to perform activism organizing Chaski festivals and other events, delegating tasks, forming activists, planning strategies to collect signatures and generally keeping the enthusiasm of the team.


Collects signatures and executes activism to encourage others to participate and become guardians of Mother Nature.

Anyone who is an activist for the rights of Mother Nature must be equipped with the following:

  1. The flyer for the rights of nature signatures explains in two sides which are they and what for the initiative is developed. The third side is for the person signing the areas he/she wants to support. The side with the signature has a removable part, which the activist keeps to register the signatures online, the rest of the booklet is given to the person. The idea is not only to collect the signature, but encourage the person to become an activist.
  2. The informative banner

    3. Shirts with the logo of the World Conscious Pact and the Rights of Nature

    4. Information about the rights of nature, videos, articles, books about the need to carry out the initiative.

    5. If it’s possible, a table, pens for collecting the signatures and a computer to register the people.


Weekly, each coordinator must record the signatures on https://worldconsciouspact.org/es/declaracion-por-los-derechos-de-la-madre-tierra/
Every six months a massive counting of signatures is conducted with the help of volunteers.

The Chaski Fest is the most suitable and effective environment for the collection of signatures, so all the coordinators and activists are encouraged to organize continuously festivals, where not only signatures are being collected,  but also the message of the Rights of Mother Nature is spread through various artistic expressions. Beyond collecting a signature, it is meant to create awareness and enthuse people to become Guardians of Mother Nature and  messengers of the initiative.
The teams should be aware of local activities that are favourable to collect signatures and make friends to join the cause.


The activities that you perform in your local area can give enthusiasm to all other activists anywhere in the world, so we invite you to share your stories, sending pictures, writing small activity reports, and words for the encouragement of all.

Coordinators can post directly to the blog asking us via e-mail for access. http://pactomundialconsciente.blogspot.com/

Or you can also send your stories through the contact form of the World Conscious Pact page.