Speech on Rights of Nature in Sweden


right of nature sweden

On 18th of April activist for Mother Earth rights took part of a protest against the TTIP, a Free Trade Agreement between corporations and politicians in USA and EU. This agreement would mean that the corporations would be allowed to sue governments if the governments would not facilitate the economical growth. The green party in Sweden says this agreement is a threat to environmental protection.

So it was a good opportunity to start speaking about the Rights of Nature and to collect signatures. Our speaker announced that she is an allied with Vandana Shiva, Ati Quigua, the Saami indigenous of north and the struggle for Ojnareskogen. Ojnareskogen (or the Forest of Ojnare) is a struggle against a mining company who wants to destroy the very beautiful and unique forest of northern Gotland (swedish island) to a limestone mine.

It was also stated that we require Rights for Mother Nature as these companies behind the TTIP all are considered to have juridical rights, and our planet not. We also need to start speaking more about the human duties, to be able to maintain a planet where to have human rights. The people in the crowd liked the speech and afterwards many of them came to sign the petition and wanting to share their ideas on what we need to do in order to save our planet.

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