Meeting “IKWASHENDUNA” – The mission for unity of mother eath’s guardians


On 21 and 22 October this year, was held in Teyumakke (the heart of
all sacred temples), located in Sierra Nevada, Colombia, a meeting,
which was the result of a call made by Mother Earth a few
years ago “IKWASHENDUNA” – Mission for the Unity of the Guardians of
Mother Earth.

The meeting was called “The four legs of the table and the 5th Sun”
refers to the four villages Guardians: Wiwa, Kankuamo, Aruhaco
and Kogi, and the 5th Sun refers to the last sun of our system.
The four peoples and protectors of the heart of Mother Earth, now
named the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, met and conducted a
ceremony in which were connected with the sun, with Mother Earth and its
ancestors to find a solution to the problems facing the planet
and the living beings that inhabit it.
At this meeting were invited to attend all the ancient cultures of the world;

people of different localities were physically unable to attend but did so as part of the spirit of the
unity and brotherhood, from their ancestors.

The main feature of the meeting was to develop specific points
that the four villages of the Sierra should be carried out in their territories so that this can be
repeated successfully in the world:

1. The creation of a network of ancient knowledge of the world.
2. Care of the biodiversity and spiritual heritage
3. Establish connections between the sacred and the points
4. Natural sanctuaries declare spiritual patrimonies of humanity.


The goal is to strengthen the network between the year 2012 and 2014, then, only will have 10
years to achieve this great change in human sensing.

Was confirmed that we are all indigenous, an integral and active part of the mother
Earth. As well as the work, of a very successful environmental lawyer, Nelson
Caraballo served as support for a pilgrim monk called Paramadvaiti
Swami and his followers, came to this place in his wisdom delivered
aspects such as the defense of animals, populations
vulnerable, seed care and its freely distribution and the Great Mother
Earth as a unit. In this way, their vaishanavas predecessors sealed the
sweet desire of a world at the service of the Supreme Love and Absolute Truth with a World Conscious Pact.

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