Kiva ceremony in Varsana eco village


Declaración finalIn Varsana Jardines Ecológicos, Colombia, a reunion of native communities was held 9:th to 13:th of December 2015, at the same time as the COP21 meeting in Paris. During these days an ancestral prayer was performed for the healing of the earth and humanity.

Varsana is an “eco village” in Colombia and a community developing ecological projects as well as spiritual growth. They gave the space to the Kiva, a ceremony of the native communities meaning “The heart of the Earth”.

The Kiva is a round excavation made in the earth. It was dug in Varsana in 2012 and has until this day remained as a prayer for consciousness and protection of Mother Earth. In her one can feel the presence of the native spiritual authorities from Colombia and other countries.

This tradition of ancestral prayer has been practiced for 80 years thanks to the vision of one native in the Grand Mountain reserve and Lakotas from the South Dakota. It was there Raymundo “The Tiger” Pérez had a vision through a sun dance, where he visualized that all the native communities worldwide will reunite.

During four days and four nights the sacred fire was lit and offerings were made to the earth with healing prayers and thanksgivings.

12138462_10153210449599290_272198135907495790_oIn the talking circles during the ceremonial days, the themes that developed were:

  • The identity and survival of ancestral thought
  • The territory and care of the vital weave
  • Sovereignty and protection of native seeds
  • The environment and the integration of the people

The meeting featured participants from native groups such as Nassa, Panches, Muiscas, Arhuaco, Wiwa, Uwa, Yanacona, Cofan, Embera, Chami, Huitoto, Racchi, Quimbaya, Mhuysqas, Muisca chibcha, Wirrarikas, Maya, Chontal, Maya, Quiche, Apache, Quechua and native Mestizos. All these people come from the same source, the thought of the Great Spirit.

The Vaishnava community joined this wonderful dream and was represented by their leader Swami B.A Paramadvaiti in his desire to love and protect the earth through his vision of a world united for the universal love.10-Small

“To build on the harmony and balance of the planet it is very important that people become aware and start a reunion with their roots that will enable them to become sensitized for the care of our Mother Earth. This mission can not be solely indigenous”.

– Mamo Aruawikugumu Yosatana –

The grandmothers of these communities reunited to celebrate the ritual of Women’s Circle, a space where female energy flows in order to establish a connection with the energy of the universe. This ancestral knowledge tells that the women gathered generate a powerful healing and regenerating energy that at the same time establishes a connection with nature.


Complementary activities that took place during the meeting:

  • Traditional dances
  • Talking circles
  • Moon circles
  • Temazcal -Inipi
  • Workshops for children
  • Healing music concerts
  • Conferences
  • Sellings of handicrafts


The meeting culminated in the signing of the document “Renewing the ancestral word” where they listed nine breaths of life regarded as the principles of life:


  1. Recognize the law of origin, our common Father and Mother Creators
  2. Give a platform for real education, which teaches the values of ancestors and the laws of Mother Nature
  3. Invite those who have forgotten their ancestral memory to remember
  4. The nature is not a resource, it is a family
  5. Respect and multicultural understanding considering the variegatedness of the cultures
  6. Spirituality is not an exotic religion, it is a way of living in harmony
  7. Woman is a divine universal mother and not just a model of beauty
  8. We are the fulfillment of the dream of our ancestors
  9. Cosmogeocracy, following the laws of the Cosmos and the Earth


The document further discloses that this gathering of natives recognizes the importance of joining with the Mestizo people who share their common origin. The intention is to follow a path which helps life so that all human beings can walk it, act according to our nature, recognizing who we are, and agreeing to become people of nature.


That was the conclusion of the reunion of the grandmothers and grandfathers, the renewal of the Ancestral Word, Norms of Life. The ancestral people declared it as “The United Nations of the Spirit”. They all signed the agreement with the sacred Ambil tobacco in order for all humanity to become part of this beautiful purpose.


Those who wish to be a part of this proposal of the United Nations of the Spirit are invited to sign the document that was established at the end of the Kiva. They may do so by accessing the following internet pages:


World Conscious Pact

United Nations of the Spirit

Send an email to info@worldconsciouspact.orgKavi light