Here are some images of the Third meeting of the Protectors of Mother Earth Lifesaver Plan IKWASHENDWNA. This meeting seeks to bring together spiritual authorities from all territories of the world to improve the consciousness of our so called younger brothers (those who disown or ignore the laws of origin, acting according to their own convenience or whim without taking the development of other living entities into consideration) through contact and advise from the older brothers (empowered ancestral authorities to protect and guide humanity in the path of harmonious coexistence with all the beings that inhabit our beautiful Mother Earth).

A Lifesaver is he or she who in daily life behaves and acts with discipline in order to reduce the pain caused to our great mother due to the greed and insensibility of unscrupulous people and vicious organisations that not only affect the natural environment but the consciousness of each individual that inhabits the planet as well.

This is true change: “IKWASHENDWNA is to be able to control our sexual energy for giving life, is to not kill any living being unnecessarily, is to keep a healthy body to be able to have a clear mind, is to be truthful at all times.” As spoken by LWNTANA NACOGGI ancestral authority of the WIWA people, and spokesman of IKWASHENDWNA.

Vegetarianism is continuously promoted by the members of the World Conscious Pact in the form of delicious food which has been prepared with spiritual energy for the joy and harmony amongst all. Volunteers from the VRINDA family who studied ayurvedic cooking secrets for many years have served vegetarian food in many of the IKWASHENDWNA events. They are trying to share a higher taste with everyone, specially considering that the world climate disaster is highly related to the meat and junk food’s industries. An increase of vegetarian awareness is one of the principal tools to counteract that situation. Syamsundar from Valledupar has been a pioneer in the art of cooking and participated this time with a whole team from the Valledupar region.



Lwntana Nacoggi, senior leader of the WIWA community and spokesperson of IKWASHENDWNA tasting the delicious vegetarian food.