Everyone said AHO



In the Varsana Ecological Garden Eco-Yoga Village, located in Granda Cundinamarca, Colombia, the World Conscious Pact team had the opportunity to spend the days of May 17th and May 18th with the leaders of the Aruhaca, Buinaimas, Embera, Muysca communities among other leaders of different groups such as the Colectivo Jaguar, Jesús Hidalgo, Alonso del río, Shakti and other salient groups and organizations working for the welfare of Mother Earth, joining them in this opportunity to shout AHO!


During the meeting, medical music,  messages of Love and Humanity and Mother Earth healing were shared. They also approached the campaign for the Rights of Nature and awarded diplomas to outstanding personalities for their service in favor of life.  The sharing of this material allowed all those people and initiatives that inspire others in the culture of conscious consumption to get closer the pact once again.

At this meeting, the renowned artist Alex Sastoque shared a symbolic and powerful work of art to which the different community leaders could identify themselves with. They also could feel the support of his work to the fight for Mother Nature’s life. Sastoque stands out in the world for his Sub Realistic work and his sensitivity to the subtle planes, mixing cultural and ancestral diversity of Colombia.


Meeting as a family, we could remember together OUR origins and for that reason this event leaves a commitment for the future, which is to continue to meet to create, share and remember that we are all children of our Mother Nature and so we should relate with it through love and not exploitation.


For all our relationships!