Avaaz – The right to life is being taken from us


AVAAZ- Campaig for the Rights of the Nature

Dear World Conscious Pact members

The campaign that is currently in AVAAZ to support the Rights of Mother Nature, was generated as a call to the great need of Mother Earth. This campaign has already unified many towns and important people like Dr. Vandana Shiva, the Indian leader Ati Quigua, Mumta Ito from the European Movement for the Rights of Nature and the Deputy Cesar Daniel Madruga who managed to establish the Rights of Nature in Mexico city and many others.

Please take advantage now and sign this campaign. Spread awareness and make your whole network of contacts and friends to sign too.

In this way we will encourage AVAAZ, who is making a test with the campaign, to launch this campaign worldwide. For me, this effort will only have a significant effect when we get to the representatives of the management of each site with a petition signed by millions of people worldwide, but this could only be achieved through AVAAZ, therefore, I pray you participate in this campaign and disseminated to all your contacts.

This is just the first step in our great service to our Holy Mother, but it is already a very important step that the campaign that Ati Quigua began in Colombia, this now being taken by the AVAAZ community, which is the largest community in the world with regard to supporting common causes.

B.A.Paramadvaiti Swami

Co-funder of the World Conscious Pact

To sign the campaign:

Sign the petition in Spanish

Sign the petition in English