Artists Support Machi


Moyenei apoya a la Machi

On October 19th, the Chilean artist and four time Grammy Latino nominee, Moyenei Valdés wrote a letter to the Chilean state asking them to reconsider Machi Francisca’s situation.

Moyenei is a Chaski and an activist fighting for the Rights of Mother Earth and ancestral communities. Her letter loyally portrays the injustice and disrespect against a spiritual leader from her community. At the same time it calls for common sense, morality, and ethics on the part of those running the country.

Here is a link to the letter: HERE.

Marches in support of Machi Francisca

There have already been dozens of Chilean marches and strikes in repudiation and protest against the persecution suffered by the Mapuche people, victims of the very authorities who are responsible for guarding their own safety.

The last march occurred at the beginning of October when over 10,000 protesters marched through the streets of Santiago, Chile demanding the freedom of the country’s political prisoners, but especially “Machi” Francisca Linconao.

Marches in support of Machi Francisca

The term “political prisoner” refers to the state of being incarcerated for defending ideas that are a threat or challenge to the existing political system, even if the resistance is understood as the protection of one’s own territory and both social and cultural identity.

That’s the case for Machi Francisca Linconao, and for certain leaders of the Mapuche people, victims of threats, persecutions, and political pressure by latifundists, transnationals, and of their own government which swore to protect their freedom and sovereignty.

What we reject

The government’s procedure has been deplorable. To delegitimize the Mapuche people, they have judicialized their leaders as if they were criminals or terrorists. They aim to deny the resistance of an entire community, suppress it with terror, and legitimize political oppression.

How is it possible that the defense of territory, culture, and spirituality can be a felony? When what is being defended is the ancestral territory that it’s inhabitants call home, even before Chile was called Chile, we cannot treat this as a felony.

freedom to Machi Francisca

This is the case for “Machi” Francisca Linconao, the elderly spiritual leader of her community, currently accused of being a terrorist and charged with false crimes, which she was already proven innocent of, but the government insists on accusing her.

In regards, Machi herself wrote a letter to the president of country, Mrs. Michelle Bachelet, appealing to her role as a women and the director of her country’s history, asking her about the senseless processes that are affecting her.

The only response for Machi from Mrs. Bachelet in regard to her situation was that she can’t interfere with justice related issues, from which another question arises; How is it possible that the state, responsible for the care of all it’s citizens isn’t being held responsible for the extreme use of violence committed against them?

If you want to know more about Machi Francisca Linconao, click the follow link:HERE

If you want to read the moving letter written by Machi Francisca Linconao to Michelle Bachelet, you can do so HERE.

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