Documentary Film El Tambor: Reconnect with the heartbeat of the Planet



The documentary film El Tambor-Semilla de Vida of  Colombian activist Angélica Zamudio invites us to change the way we view the current situation of the planet through colorful visuals and a melodious narrative voice that suggests: “Society is what is destroying part of the environment. To solve the root problem, we have to direct our individual perspectives and our relationship to the whole.”

vandana shiva

Unlike other documentaries on environment matters, where the cinematographic formula involves exposing environmental disasters, animal abuse and human vexation that conducts an invitation to the viewers to close their eyesand leave the movie theater with a feeling in the chest of guilt and hopelessness; the documentary film El Tambor-Semilla de Vida exposes information in a friendly language where the beautiful scenes of nature and human virtues are captured by the camera and edition. Ancestral wisdom bewitchs us through the fine blend of music and interviews with activists like Vandana Shiva, Alonso del Rio, Jimmy Calla, Satish Kumar, Swami Paramadvaiti who share their wisdom and actions to evolve as Humanity.


“In the pursuit of sustainability and solutions to pollution, solutions to social and environmental inequality, I began a journey … after a long investigation between theory and practice of more than 20 communities, interviews with philosophers and visits to several countries; I confirmed that the solution is not outside but within us.” concluded filmmaker Zamudio who began the documentary film El Tambor-Semilla de Vida as a personal journey and quest that ended as important material of communication on the primary message: the return to our true essence.

El Tambor-Semilla de Vida is definitely one of the best documentaries on environmental awareness and recovery of ancestral knowledge  from 2013 with the motto: if you want to see a change in the world, change yourself.


The documentary film was officially released at the meeting of Roots of Earth from 12 to 15 December in the eco-village Varsana in Colombia and in March 2014 at the Center for Environment and Culture Hibiskus located in the city of Malmo, Sweden. In each show it is expected to promote environmental awareness with the distribution of organic seeds and trees.

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