8000 drums, conch shells and prayers to start a new age of consciousness


Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

As conscious citizens of the world we can not sit still and tolerate the suffering of any living being, animal, or person. We must recognize that Mother Earth is a living being too, and as such deserving of rights just like you and I!

With this thinking in mind the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth was adopted by the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, in Bolivia.

It is time for people to become more conscious about the important role Mother Earth has in all of our lives as the source of life, the provider of nourishment and as our only home. We need people to recognize that without Mother Earth life as we know it would be impossible.

On October 12th, 2012 all the conscious citizens of the world are getting together and drumming to increase people’s consciousness about the crucial role of Mother Earth. We want more than 8000 drums and conchs to beat for the rights of Mother Earth all over the world. Join us and help spread a message of love for our fellow brothers and sisters, for our fellow animals and plants, for our rivers, oceans, and forests.

On October 12th join us and sing with us!

“We drum for peace
we drum for love
we drum for peace
for the earth at least
for west and east
for north and south
a love celebration feast.”

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