8,000 Drums Festival 2016


“When 8,000 drums sound together again, it will be the beginning of the healing of our Mother Earth, of our communities, and of all their beings. A stronger unity, respect, compassionate love, happiness, and peace on Earth will come”.

8,000 Drums Festival in Pierce, Colorado

8,000 Drums Festival in Pierce, Colorado.

This is the prayer of the Otomi-Tolteca prophecy, this year drums sounded around the world. A diverse group of organizations independently organized the festivals in search of the understanding that would bring peace and happiness to the world we live in.

Festivals around the world have been reported from Green Park in London, Florida, California, Colorado, Texas, Mexico City, and Guatemala City, to various cities in Colombia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lima, Peru, etc.

8,000 Drums Festival in Eje Cafetero, Colombia

8,000 Drums Festival in Eje Cafetero, Colombia.

Every single festival are a seed of hope, a promise that slowly consolidates itself, and tell us about the understood e compreension that is only by communion in a harmonious coexistence that we can achieve true development of mankind.

We have a feeling of gratitude towards all the individuals who feel the need to be part of the change, and who get involved in this monumental but necessary task. There won’t be change is there isn’t first a healing of our hearts and our lifestyle.

8,000 Drums Festival in Guatemala

A change that should ideally include all of humanity. There can’t be communion without generosity, service, honesty, and solidarity, not only between humans, but between all the children of Mother Earth, and especially with Mother Earth herself.

Every long journey starts with just one step, and the first steps have already been taken. Currently we’re awaiting the sentence from the trial against the giant Monsanto Industry, in search of freeing the world from industrial agriculture which causes immense damage to nature and small farmers.

8,000 Drums Festival in México City

8,000 Drums Festival in México City

These are the first steps to recuperating native seeds from the grasp of the industries that hide behind free trade agreements which introduce GMO seeds as intellectual property, indifferent to the wellbeing of humanity and focused only on their own profit.

These are the first steps to rescuing the wisdom of ancestral communities that have survived for millenniums in perfect communion with natural laws, preserving their environment against an industrial society that has destroyed millenniums of natural evolution and brought the planet to the brink of a collapse in only one hundred years.

8,000 Drums Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil

8,000 Drums Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

These are the first steps to building a conscious consumer society, conscious of the risk to their own health by consuming the wrong foods, conscious of the damage that their rights can cause, conscious of the environmental damage that their habits can cause, etc.

It’s clear that the proposed social model has failed completely, and that’s why we celebrate the 8,000 drums festivals around the world, because their purpose is no different that the purpose of the ancestral communities, or the World Conscious Pact’s purpose, or the purposes or organizations like Navdanya, Global Alliance, and many more.

8,000 Drums Festival in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia

8,000 Drums Festival in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia.

We understand that if there is no freedom, justice, and peace, there is no dignity. There can be no harmony in coexistence if there is no cooperation. There can be no happiness without feelings of gratefulness if there is no nobility and beauty in our actions. This is only possible if we establish a loving relationship with Mother Nature.