Voices of the Patagonia


Representatives such as Angel Parra, Inti Illimani and other artists speak against large corporations destroying their ecosystems, water sources and communities in the Chilean Patagonia, through their compositions and art.

Voices of the Patagonia

Voices of the Patagonia (2009)

Voices of the Patagonia

Today, the Chilean Patagonia represents one of the most important areas in our planet, as it has unique characteristics in relation to their ecosystems, therefore, its conservation is a matter of great seriousness if we want to preserve balance and life on Earth.

This site of great biodiversity and ecosystems is home to numerous species of plants and animals, some endangered. Glaciers, mountains, rivers, lakes, fjords, islands, forests, steppes and wetlands that make up one of the largest reserves of fresh water on the planet and a natural heritage of all humanity. We also found numerous Protected Areas, some registered as Biosphere Reserves, and much of its territory is postulated today to be declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The construction of large hydroelectric dams in Chilean Patagonia implies a serious threat to the environmental integrity of this valuable territory and, therefore, is of concern at national and global level, as it threatens one of the few remaining sources of life. Efficient and renewable energy are part of the many viable technological options that could meet the electricity demand in Chile without destroying its territory. There are many projects, what we need is the vision of a better future and political willingness to create the appropriate financing mechanism for these to work.

This album collects the compositions of 15 Chilean and foreign artists defending all our well being, through their music and their voices.

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