Renace bakata


52 artists from Colombia, England, Spain, France, with the guidance of the mamos koguis, arhuacos and spiritual authorities of the continent, have met in 20 songs in which the respect of the humanity towards the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, hearth of the Earth, is invoked.

This album was created in support of the indigenous activist movement Ati Quigua, in defense of the territories and the indigenous people of Colombia.

Abre sierra - Renace bakatá

Abre Sierra – Renace Bakata

Transmitting the milenary message of the first nations of Colombia and America, who are the Guardian Communities of the Life territories for the future of the Humanity, invite all the habitants of this planet to support the recovering processes of the territories and ancestral customs in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta y Bakata.

Seynekun (Mother Nature – Water Planet) is recognized in the legal tradition and culture of the indigenous people as a life being; source of life, food and teachings, with rights that we must respect, therefore, what this singing proposes is to live in unity with the natural order of the water, the earth, the air and the sun.

Abre Sierra/Renace Bacata was composed in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Bogota between the 2004 and 2009 by Ati Quigua, David Jaramillo, Dib Hadra and Adrian Villamizar, with traditional music Kogui, Arhuaca, Kychwa and Gaiteros de San Jacinto; and with the contributions of artists like Antombo Lagangui, Hector Buitrago, Manu Chao, La Kinky Beat, Sargent Garcia, Sidestepper and Chobquibtown, among others.

It is to highlight that with the purchase of this CD funds are raised to protect the territories and the water.

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