Ama-Zonas by Dr. Krapula



Ama-zonas (2014)

AMA-ZONAS is an independent, massively distributed, free album that unites initiatives, leaders, and holders of wisdom from indigenous nations in the region of Putumayo and the Colombian Amazonian Region. Together, organizations such as Bombea y Terra Nova, and artists from Mexico, Chile, France, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Perú, Ecuador, several Afrcan countries, and India formed the JAGUAR COLLECTIVE and launched an “IKARA”, an ode to consciousness toward preserving territories, knowledge, and the original communities that possess it, forming an intercontinental movement dedicated to defending the Amazon.

The Amazon consists of an organism-territory or live region wrought by the largest hydraulic system on the planet. Her forests and rivers have been inhabited by living beings such as plants, animals, and men and women, who form communities and practice traditional knowledge regarding conservation, transmission, and revitalization of culture.


Mainstream society’s arrogance toward nature and it’s ignorant lack of appreciation toward alternative forms of knowledge, has imposed a dominant and extractive attitude in regard to the environment. This attitude has allowed the Amazon to be declared, “an empty region” with “available profit”, where American businesses and private industries become the main objective. Meanwhile the transcendental importance of the Mother jungle who has sustained the most diverse forms of life and culture on the planet, is being neglected and destroyed. There is no concern for the lifestyle of her inhabitants, their territorial autonomy, and their forms of government.

It is necessary to practice culture, odes, and dances, to achieve transmitting indigenous culture, which has both mystic, aesthetic, ecological, and vital value. Artists around the world like Doctor Krapula, Manu Chao, Café Tacvba, Maldita Vecindad, Aterciopelados, and many others unite to speak against environmental abuse, and ask for preservation, protection, and respect for the Amazon, the jungle, the water, and the living beings and millennial wisdom possessed by her communities.