Vandana Shiva and the WCP share the same ideal


Vandana Shiva, the activist woman who protects the seeds

Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva is a renowned thinker and activist for the environment, leader of the international forum about the Globalization and of a number of important initiatives for the protection of the seeds and the biodiversity both in her home country and the rest of the world. In 1993 she was awarded with the Alternative Nobel prize for her contribution to the world peace (Right Livelihood Award).

Vandana Shiva is the woman who protects life from the very seed. She was born in Dehradun, India, an ancient town in the Himalayas, where she was grew up in the middle of a natural environment and being culturally enriched by the Vedic tradition. This brought her to an awakening a deep respect and love to the nature. She studied physics and has a postgraduate study in philosophy of the science and Quantum physics in the Guelph and Western Ontario Universities. Her studies brought her to question the impact of the scientific technology on the environment, which brought her to the foundation of the Research Foundation of Science, Technology and Ecology (RFSTE). It is an institution, which is dedicated to the conservation of the biodiversity on the planet. Nine years later she established Navdanya in order to protect the diversity of the seeds.

Her work with Navdanya to protect the biodiversity consists principally in support to the local farmers, to save and conserve the seeds and plants, which are brought to extinction and to make them available through the direct market. Navdanya participates actively in the rejuvenation of the indigenous knowledge and culture as well as awareness generation about the dangers of genetic engineering and the defense of the popular knowledge about the bio-piracy in order to protect the rights for food and food security of the villages.

She is an author of many books and trials and dedicates her life to an ideal, which the World Conscious Pact completely shares and supports.

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