Pedro Pablo Tattay


The filmmaker, director and Colombian producer Pedro Pablo Tattay, stands out not only because his work has received many international awards, but for the topics reproduced in his work, such as social displacement due to violence in the cities, the abuse against the native communities of the country, or the vision of the earth as a direct referent of our own existence, according to the worldview of ancient native communities, etc.

Thus, the success of the work of this conscious artist is not only observable for the professional achievement of his work, but in its integrity, because these themes underline the cracking of a misguided society and its consequences, a subject currently in force, of a gravitating significance for the very existence of humankind. It places us with the creative power of his art, the most current and urgent truth, all around the globe.

Pedro Pablo Tattay

Pedro Pablo Tattay

Pedro Pablo Tattay studied film-making and television at the National University of Colombia, and its important work begins with the creation of the audiovisual producer “Polymorph” in 2001. With this, he developed projects of independent content with social, cultural, ecological, educational and conscious nature, for different organizations such as the National University of Colombia (UN) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI), John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, the Basque Government, MSD Colombia, Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC), National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC), Mugarik Gabe, EPM -Bogotá, Book & Books, Latino com, SEVA, etc.

The artist’s concern goes beyond a simple evolution as an artist, because he integrates himself into his work and takes experiential part of what he produces, thus, he is able to recreate and capture the message in a simple and beautiful way, even in its raw moments, as it falls to the artist, but leaving a strong message in that simplicity, such as in his prizewinning documentary “Kitek Kiwe” (Our Memory).

Kitek Kiwe - Our Land

Kitek Kiwe – Our Land

Among his most outstanding works, we find Rapping at fear in 2004, Sxa Bwee’s – connection to Mother Earth in 2008, Mama Kiwe – Mother Earth, Pacha Mama, Namuy Pire in 2009, Kitek Kiwe – Our Memory in 2011. His documentaries have been awarded at festivals in Canada, Argentina, the US and Korea, with awards including the George Foster Peabody Award and the American Television’s Highest Distinction, among others.

His latest release, “Quintin Lame, Root of Peoples“, was released on July 10th this year, which portrays the life of Quintin Lame, an important Colombian indigenous leader. Quentin has lived the violence since his childhood and was an experiential witness of all the injustices committed against his people. Quentin heaves and sets the first movement in defense of the violated rights of indigenous peoples in Colombia. His movement is best expressed in the words of Quentin…

Quintín Lame - Roots of Peoples

Quintín Lame – Roots of Peoples

“My thought is that of a child of the jungle, which saw his birth, who grew up and was educated under it, like birds, are educated to sing, and the little chicks are prepared beating their plumage to fly, challenging the infinite to cross it tomorrow”.

The documentary maker claims, regarding the intention of his work, “… to promote and strengthen the culture and respect for the human rights of indigenous peoples, developing a process of historical memory from the life of Manuel Quintin Lame, to help maintain, rescue and strengthen it through a documentary”.

But his work is not limited to this subject, he is currently working with the International Foundation “Hijos del Maíz” (Sons of the Corn), who defends the native seeds, their preservation and conservation against the establishment of genetically modify products and global industrialization of agriculture.