Latin America Solidarity Centre (LASC)


LASC is a membership based organisation. Membership is made up of individuals who share a passion for real social change in Latin America and Ireland and who believe that peace with justice and equality for all can come only through genuine participation of everyone in society’s decision making. Thus, we encourage the opening of the traditional exclusive political systems of Latin America to new forms of participatory and direct democracy, and we oppose the long tradition of foreign intervention in Latin American affairs.

LASC, while campaigning for the respect of everyone’s basic human rights, focuses primarily on groups that experience oppression, exploitation, disadvantage and marginalisation.

LASC welcomes those who wish to work in solidarity with people resisting oppression in Latin America. We are committed to stand together with the popular movements that in the countryside, slums, poor communities, workplaces and educatinal centres struggle for social justice, and we rejoice with them in their achievements.

LASC was set up in 1996 by a number of solidarity groups focusing on specific Latin American countries.

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