Vow of civil disobedience to end seed slavery.


To put an end to seed slavery, civil disobedience is necessary. Just like Mahatma Gandhi proposed the satyagraha doctrine, the force of truth imposed by self-sacrifice, not violence. We cannot obey laws that threaten the life of the planet, and we don’t want to consume what enslaves us.

For this reason, we share the vow of civil disobedience to put an end to seed slavery, and we invite everyone to read and join us.

We believe that by the force of truth and self-sacrifice (satyagraha) we can change the world, we are joining.

Vow of Civil Disobedience to end Seed Slavery

civil disobedience

We feel a deep respect for seeds that we’ve received from nature and from centuries of seed selection from farmers

We don’t recognize seeds as corporate inventions, therefore we don’t recognize patents for seeds and for life.

We will support our local seed banks which are the source of fertile seeds, and free access for everyone.

We don’t recognize any laws created by corporate interests that interfere with our duty of saving and sharing genuine seeds, with the end goal that future generations are as fortunate as we have been to receive this gift of diversity and nutrition.

We don’t obey or recognize any law that criminalizes our millennial seeds.

This is our satyagraha for seeds, our action from the truth.

Genuine food comes from genuine seeds.

We don’t recognize nutritionally empty and flavorless food which represents toxic royalties.

For us, food is and always has been natural, organic, nutritious, healthy, and safe.

We are not willing to accept an agriculture system based on agro-toxins as safe.

We refuse to let another bee die.

We reject the non-scientific fallacies of the “Principal of Substantial Equivalence”, which establishes that transgenic food is equivalent to food that doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

We are not willing to accept industrialized agriculture as a solution to the climate crisis because we know that on the contrary, it’s one of the causes. Moreover, we know that organic agriculture, healthy, and live soil are the keys to resolving said climate crisis.

We generate organic food everywhere, on our farms, gardens, balconies, and terraces.

We nourish ourselves with organic food in our kitchens, cafeterias, schools, and offices.

Our gardens will be places of resistance, places of Satyagraha.

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