Open letter to the Pope Francis and the Catholic Church



To His Holiness Pope Francis

Vatican City

Your Holiness:

First, I would like to express my solidarity with the regret over the injustices committed by the church to the original peoples of Latin America several centuries ago. Your words reflect a sincere worry about the harmful impacts of colonialism and overall, about the principals neocolonialism today.

I also agree with you when you state that the oppressed populations are an important part of the solution. In what way? By no longer consuming and supporting all products and systems that promote their misery. This can be achieved through practical measures through peaceful and non-cooperation protests like those organized by Mahatma Gandhi to end British imperialism. We can boycott mega industries, substituting their products with natural products, artisans, and trusted local businesses, and through this incentivize the local economy.

However there is another consideration that the church should take into account. The church, with it’s mega structure, mega capital, and mega influence via Opus Del and other groups should take measures with the goal that this energy will create movement toward social investments which will benefit the poor. It’s understood that wealth in the world exists in large part due to the exploitation of natural resources and that misery and ignorance also exist due to manipulation by the powers mentioned.

The colonists were not people with religious sentiments, they were murderers and thieves. Directors of large industries look to monopolize the seed, poisoning our fields with glysophate. They want to contaminate our towns with misleading pills from an irresponsible pharmaceutical industry. They’re not people with compassionate feelings, and worse, they’re not religious. They make fun of asking for forgiveness.

Transparent, public,and concrete changes are the ones that world citizens want to see. A non-sectarian behavior with everyone who has always donde what you ask for in your speeches. And what is it that they have always done? Care for Mother Earth, worship Mother Earth, and love divinity in this way, because the earth is God’s creation. Pagans and atheists violated her rights. We see that original peoples respected God and His creation, which was like his feminine energy.

In your new encyclical, for the first time in history, many conclusions coincide with what the original ancestral peoples have always expressed and practiced. It’s great news full of joy and hope. I’m the founder of a group of activists in favor of Mother Earth which we call The World Conscious Pact, which maintains that every person, every child of Mother Earth, needs to completely responsible to prevent the increase in these mistakes against the wellbeing of humanity.

Just like how every father and mother are completely responsible to see to the wellbeing of their children, and no one else can substitute that responsibility, every earthly being should care for their mother, the Mother Earth. Just with this consciousness, there will be hope.

Allow me to make a concrete suggestion, the UN recognizes that 51% of environmental contamination is caused by animal killing industries and due to that cause we’re losing alarming quantities of water and large portions of the Amazon, to mention just a few damages.

The original call from saints like San Francisco of Asis, the apostles and the Essenes, where the teacher Jesus comes from, it was the call of vegetarianism. They would have never accepted damage to the Amazon to sell hamburgers in Europe. The church should, with all the intensity, promote these values to reduce the consumption of meat. And not just among its loyal members, but it should be part of their educational curriculum, eliminating meat and fish completely from the food at schools and institutions, to set a true example.

The church, which presides in many hospitals should seriously support natural cures, before using chemical substances and surgery. These treatments, which in large part work by maintaining a healthy diet, by drinking pure water, by exercising, and by following ancestral healing methods, which are being discredited and even criticized today in medical schools, including catholic universities, among others.

We should understand that the leaders and the people in power have almost no spirituality and quite frequently make alliances with dictators and with secular systems (of atheist origins) who don’t recognize any spiritual value in mother nature. This alliance springs the sinister plan to exploit the ignorance of the poor and the defenseless in several ways. In relation to this we would have to write a book, similar to the style of “The open veins of Latin America) (by Eduardo Galeano).

In your speech you mention the sinister plants of the elite to hang the population on minimum wage, with inflation, high living costs and international trade treaties from the World Bank. Worst of all, those who cooperate with crimes in every country, driving the power and depositing the a large part of their “help funds” in their private accounts in Switzerland and other fiscal paradises. It’s a mafia that makes the Sicilian mafia look good, who just stole a fruit when it was hungry.

This level of corruption exists in Latin America, above all among powers who are the main promoters of neocolonialism. So I ask you, What can be done with a criminal who asks for forgiveness while he continues to kill and steal? Can we have sympathy? Can we confide in their sincerity?

Pope Francis, we need to see radical changes. Your words a nice start, but they won’t have value if there are no real changes. Mother Earth and her original people are screaming: No more oppression! No more deforestation! No more warlike conflicts and provoked rivalries! There are many topics that the church’s capital is involved in, things that harass and slowly kill Mother Earth.

The educational system is one of the main allies of neocolonialism. It’s true that because of your sincere words, your own life is in danger. For this reason, as a Catholic pastor of the powerful neocolonial church, make radical changes. The words of the encyclical will remain present and the love for God will start to flourish in everyone who attacks these principals, because everyone who fails to care for Mother Earth already lives in the hell of their own bad consciousness and who knows what waits for them after death.

Correcting so many mistakes seems like an impossible task or mission, but together we can greatly improve starting by letting go of meat, because it’s an unsustainable food for personal health and the planet. We should let go of fish too because fishing is unsustainable and cruel. We should stop mistreating women and using them as sexual symbols, and instead establish them as sacred representatives of Mother Earth or any form of sacred femininity: rejecting TV shows that promote promiscuity and that are destined to publicize the day after pill, Plan B.

As collaboration, I offer you the discoveries of OIDA Therapy and perennial psychology, to help us better understand the glory of faith, which is the origin of spirituality within every being. In addition, to help us better understand the ancestral peoples and their spirituality, which has been totally disdained by our modern education system.

We should stop the traffic of drugs and the consumption of toxic substances, with another totally different method. Now the abuse of freedom and the exploitation of natural resources is decriminalized. We should inform humanity about the harmful effects of stupefiers and alcohol, which transform people into slaves of diverse addictions.

Without a doubt capital and power will always have to be managed by someone in this world, and the political systems have basically failed to provide a system that demands justice and honesty among leaders, who generally declare themselves catholic in Latin America. A new system to control resources should be promoted, one that always a moderated volume of free trade, but makes it impossible for certain individuals to gain excessive wealth. This is what all human beings should look for. Ultimately, dear Pope Francis and all other catholics who wish to improve the world, the work that you and the rest of the world will have to do, is gigantic.

After Rio+20, the conclusion from Doctor Vandana Shiva, Indian philosopher, writer,Mother Earth activist, and another founder of The World Conscious Pact, was that governments don’t have power anymore. A large of this is in the hands of mega-corporations and the capitalists that manipulate them from above. As a consequence, the responsibility should be transferred to every individual, to every being and to their bravery, so that they can fight for a more just and sustainable world. Your encyclical shows bravery. It’s the first step of a sincere pope who is giving new hope to the world. To have asked for forgiveness is another big step.

That there may be many more steps, as many that are necessary, as many by you, Holy Father, as by the church and the farmers and laborers of the world. In addition, in respect to the ancestral peoples, guardians of Mother Earth, the blood of our ancestors still runs through our veins, all of them are descendants of ancestral peoples. They weren’t primitive like evolutionists want us to think, who neglect spirituality as an ingredient and principal capital of the solution. With only admiration and thankfulness toward those people who lived in a sustainable way throughout numerous centuries in different parts of the plan, and by respecting their spirituality, we can welcome other spiritual messages, like the fifth commandment “thou shalt not kill”, etc.

May love unite us in this beautiful task that God has allowed us to perform. We need simple living and spiritually elevated thinking. We need a higher taste that doesn’t depend on items from wasteful consumerism. I believe in the recommendations from the Yogis in India, just as I believe in San Francisco of Asis, and what to speak of Christ himself, where we can learn so much about this topic.

And we shouldn’t forget about the ancestral peoples that also taught us that we’re spirit souls. Everyone is responsible for their actions and after death we will continue on to other existences depending on what we have done in this life. A teaching that coincides perfectly with what Father Origines sustained in the old church.

I will say goodbye with a brotherly hug for you and your brothers, in the spirit of progress, just as much spiritual as material.

Swami Paramadvaiti (Ulrich Harlan)

Cofounder of The World Conscious Pact

Founder of OIDA Therapy