Ancestral Wisdom for a Conscious Childhood



Juchuy Chaskis: Ancestral Wisdom for a Conscious Childhood

In an effort to focus and improve weekly environmental care classes for children, The World Conscious Pact Northeast team presents, Juchuy Chaskis: Ancestral Wisdom for a Conscious Childhood. The name is Quechua for little messengers, encouraging children to become messengers of love and protection for the environment. Classes are currently being lead by Gabriela Ramon, Danbury resident and organizer of Chaski Fest Danbury, originally from Cuenca, Ecuador, who has been practicing Inbound Yoga for over ten years.

Class activities include conscious theatre, hatha yoga, meditation, and natural crafts. The goal of the classes is to spark children’s interest and strengthen their personal commitment to environmental protection based in the spirit of Andean Cosmovision and Pachamama, a millennial cultural worldview where all living entities, including the Earth itself coexist, benefit, and depend on one another.


Conscious theatre: Non-GMO Seed Freedom

In October, in honor of the Monsanto Tribunal, the children put on a play about the importance of Non-GMO seeds.


Juchuy Chaskis, little messengers

ancestral wisdom for conscious childhood

Writing their commitments to the Earth during Chaski Fest Danbury 2016

The classes welcome children of all ages, as well as guest speakers and teachers. Classes have no formal cost, but children are encourage to bring a donation of fruits, flowers, ect. to foster a sense of gratitude and appreciation. Classes are held Saturdays from 4:00PM-5:30PM at !9 Starr Avenue in Danbury, CT. For more information, email us, or contact Gabriela Ramon at (475) 218 9101.