Pachamama Fest: The Cry of Mother Earth


During the press conference held today at 10:30 am, the Pachamama Fest “shouts a call from Latin America to the World in the search for environmental solutions” states Solomon BazBaz, Director of the Cumbre Tajin Festival.

“We need a change in our environment and everyone’s life is important. The Earth is a living being to whom we are all connected ” are the exciting words of Roco Pachukote, Musician and Producer of famous mexican band Maldita Vecindad, who will perform in the upcoming festival that will change the minds of thousands of people.


The Pachamama Fest is the musical show within the 1st International Forum for the Rights of Mother Earth to be held from 1st to 5th June 2016 in Mexico City to “… to generate a unity. We are one Mother Earth and from the consciousness we have to walk ” shares Veronica Sacta, social Activist and Representative of ancestral and native traditions from Ecuador.

“Native people told us, Earth is first. We are not the center.” declares the Author and Activist Alberto Ruz Coyote. To understand and realize this knowledge, you need to educate yourself and listen to the facts from great personalities who have made decisive changes in our relationship with Mother Earth. The 1st International Forum for the Rights of Mother Earth has brought together international figures of social and environmental change as Leonardo Boff, Swami Paramadvaiti, Ati Quigua, Vandana Shiva, Mumta Ito, Samdu Chetri, Doris Ragettli, Tiffany Stephens and many others during the first 3 days of June.


On June 4th,  Pachamama Fest will be presented with a flag of peace and music together proposing a transformation of Consciousness. You will enjoy the music of Celso Piña, Aterciopelados, Roco Pachukote, Moyenei, Ruben Albarran with Hoppo, El Gran Silencio, Dr Krapula and many more.

All this festival has been possible thanks to the support of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and NGO´s such as World Conscious Pact, Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, Pachamama Alliance, Rights of Nature Europe, Be-Seed of Life and Peace (Colombia), MAPS (Brazil), Interamerican Association for Environmental Development (International), Council of Sustainable Settlements in Latin America (CASA), Latin American Network of Permaculture, Collective Jaguares ( Colombia), Colectivo Aho! (Mexico), XICOME and dozens of other organizations which joined this declaration of love and respect for the rights of Mother Earth. Do not miss this great event.
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