United Nations of the Spirit Constitution


From December 9th-14th, 2015, numerous leaders and members of a diverse variety of indigenous communities from all over America, along with artists (Chaskis, messengers of love), activists, elders, etc. gathered at Eco Yoga Village Varsana (a few kilometers from Bogota), to honor the Kiva, the temple of Mother Earth’s heart, which was concluding its cycle after four years.

In this historic encounter, the United Nations of the Spirit (UNS) constitution was signed, the full document follows.

United Nations of the Spirit Constitution

Final constitution - kiva 2015

The Kiva, The Temple of Mother Earth’s Heart – Varsana – Granada, Colombia, Earth’s Roots 2015

Renewing the ancestral word

Life Principles:

On December 12th, 2015 at Eco-Village Jardines Ecologicos Varsana, located on Via Granada, Cundinamarca, Colombia, we presented this law promulgated by the Great Spirit for humanity, where we announced norms and principles of the origin of life and the path of existence. Through this document we have renewed the word ancient to perform this agreement.

This word was hung up on a white paper concluding the Hoksa ceremony, “word prayer breath of life of tobacco” performed during the gathering of spiritual indigenous authorities at the Kiva and Earth’s Roots Ceremonies, who arrived to South America from the North in order to fulfill the prophecy of the union of the towns. This is what was developed:

The ancestral peoples gathered here: Nadda, Panches, Misak, Kogui, Wiwa, Uwa, Yanacona, Cofen, Embrera Chami, Huitoto, Quimbaya, Mhuysqa Chibcha, Wirrarikas, Vaisnava, Maya Chontal, Maya Quinche, Apache, Quechua, and mestizo natives, want to tell all of humanity that we have a common origin and that common origin is a thought, a thought of the Great Spirit, from which everything has it’s origin. So, our duty is to put our mind in communion with the origin, to remember that we came here to live from and for her.

Today we are reborn in the following nine breaths of life:

We recognize our Law of Origin to the Mother Father Creators that manifest and express the natural order and this is why we declare ourselves the United Nations of the Spirit.

We propose a change, several steps to educate true human beings based on our WAYS OF LIFE.

We invite the human being who is out of touch with their ancestral mind to come and drink from this fountain of ancient wisdom.

We consider that all nature (elements, minerals, animals, plants, forests, rivers, mountains, humans, planets, stars, as well as the invisible) are not resources, they’re our family. It is fundamental to live together in harmony.

We manifest that intercultural collaboration and dialogue about ancient wisdom favor the recognition of our common humanity with respect for differences, for the construction of Common Agreements based on the Law of Origin of every one of our ancestral people.

We declare that our spirituality is not an exotic form of religion, rather a way to live in agreement with all beings, the nature, and the universe.

We recognize within women, a divine universal mother. We do not accept a passing beauty standard that originates from the idea that we can possess or control the world.

We are the accomplishment of the dreams of our ancestors. Our ancestors and peoples have the silence to know how to listen and the words to know how to speak and propose. This is the educational proposal that puts BEING at the center and harmonic coexistence with all visible and invisible beings. These educational steps are urgent for humanity. With the fundamentals of ancient tradition, we rise this new ancient humanity united in the nine corners of the world.

We announce that our system of government is COSMOGEOCRACY, the order, the government of the cosmos, linked to the order, an earth government where everything is interconnected: to achieve this, we should extend, share, and prepare our territories so that the seeds of the human heart can germinate and prosper.

final constitution - kiva 2015

This word is an unpublished word from the original tribes of the north, east, west, and south. A new ancient-word-order that was in a dream, that word-order that is reborn for humanity in all directions. This word ordering has been performed since the birth of the universe, guided by guardian elders specialized in that knowledge, the word for the breath of life of sacred tobacco medicine represents that birth, through which awakens the ancient memory pollen. This word is breath that makes seed pulp in nature and transforms itself in all kingdoms, all elements, humans, planets, stars, and the invisible.

Through the world that comes from the heart, every nation gave up ideas and beliefs that didn’t allow them to see with clarity, every being allowed themselves to give up what individually and collectively inhabited them as a parasite, all that served as an obstacle to reconnect with the original consciousness. Through the preparation of the ambilra (ancient ceremony performed with tobacco leaves) everything that impedes clarity is purified, the contemporary human has lost his ambil stick, and the ambil (the spirit of word) has been dormant in the flow of illusion in the world of appearances, forgetting the original law that’s now being recovered.

We’re the prophecies announced by peoples and nations from around the world, in the fulfillment of the birth of a new humanity, a new ancient culture, where each tribe is responsible for their natural norm, they’re law of origen. We should all return our minds to the great creator spirit and from there multiply this history of origen, from there communicate that a path exists, a path for human seed that we are, the seed of the Creator since the origin.

Now we return to the path of the natural BEING, keeping in mind and respecting that each one of the ancestral peoples left themselves a path for the cultivation of the human seed. Today we restore ourselves in the CosmoGeoCracey, so that the human seed germinates and prospers for us to be Natureagents, guardians, and custodians of life.

The ancestral peoples propose that we follow steps that the elders left us since conception, in gestation and the life cycle of the tillage of being bound in the natural order. Therefore, it’s not possible to be human without understanding that order. Our duty is to live in communion, in community, from the mystery of creation, we’re all more than what we manifest, this includes all nature. There is a superior mind (God), the essence which unites us to be able to be a community. In this way we propose an agreement to return to the original wisdom that allows to be one with everything and everyone.

The ancestral tribes propose a cultural agreement: an ancestral wisdom agreement of naturhumanizination and the artificial technological world. We propose to generate a synthesis between what was brought in 1492 and what we have had since our origin, to generate a new ancient order and to allow a path of existence. We understand that the modern world took life and trapped existence, this is why we propose a path that orders life for existence, all human beings should have the possibility to walk the path of existence, of what we really are. We’re not the body, and even though we have bodies, we walk to facilitate everyone to explore the mystery, returning from the origin to remember who we really are and adjust life to allow everyone to exist. This is what the ancestral, mestizo, white, and native-mestizo peoples gathered here propose.

This continent is half-blood, half-blood are returning to our heritage and memory, the memory of the native mother, of the earth (native-mestizo) to generate a synthesis. We do NOT reject the western world, we propose an agreement. The agreement to return to BEING Naturagents.

We declare ourselves communities of the United Nations of the Spirit, Natureagent.