For us there is one sacred-law, immutable, pre-existent and primitive, that is surviving everyone and everything. The world could exist or cease to exist, and this will never alter in the least the essence of the law, which is the universal thought of the unmanifest, unique origin of life. This original law finds expression in the universe; then a beautiful partnership between law and thought is born, that, in step with the environment, it becomes in natural law. This natural law gives rise to the creation of matter and its evolution, balance, harmony and preservation. These are the fundamental objectives of the Mamos, its reason for being. The fact is, however, younger brother violates the immutable order of this law and carries Mother Earth (Séineken) and all the dizzying beings to the cliff.
This is the reason why we demand imperatively to humanity a change in their general behavior, in their conduct to us and in the treatment of Mother Earth, our real mother, – mother of all mothers and daughter of the great mother wisdom-. We are all indebted to her. Who recognize to the mother the air we breathe, the water that flows, the sunlight? The universal mother claims from younger brother this awareness. Only through Mamos and through offerings it is possible to cancel these debts.

Such laws are expressed as sacred attributes in a circular order: the black line- triangular – shape of the massif- visible and invisible. These are known as places of offering and are located in three hundred and seventy thousand spots of life in the Sierra Nevada. These laws are based on respect, internal (Sierra Nevada and its four ethnicities) and external (the rest of the planet). By carrying out the offerings, a number of positive factors are generated, such as good rains, good summers, sun and good wind.

This harmony is manifested in the lives of three hundred and seventy thousand species of biodiversity (fauna and flora). On the survival of each one of this species, it is supported and guaranteed life of human beings and our surrounding.

We have by law taking care of that life, from what we call Black Line, which is written in the law of the universe, and is a sacred element and a tool that we need to return to fulfill our sacred mission.

We claim our territory and our boundary as expression and legitimate inheritance of our ancestors, our physical health and our mental and spiritual well-being depend on it, as well as the overall balance of our planet and all humanity.

The Sierra Nevada is the heart of the world, vital and primary source of all energy, the origin of life and spiritual balance Séineken (Mother Earth). For us everything that exists has a spirit that is sacred and must be respected. So, everything is sacred and our brother: the air, the fire, the trees, the insects, the rocks, the hills… we live in constant dialogue with them through our powers, our knowledge and our spiritual activity.

The Sierra Nevada is a sacred house, a sacred home and a place of peace. Everything that goes against the established order of things profanes our existence, our customs and our deep identity with the mandate of our original law. We are part of Mother Earth and she is part of us: everything that happens to her, it happens to us, and what happens to us, happens to her.

All damage caused to the Sierra Nevada, its locations, it’s offering spots, its traditions, its origins, its Mamos, its four ethnic groups, it will have inevitably a negative impact on the planet and in the universe. It is forecasting to come hard summers, hailstorms, acid rain and all sorts of cataclysms and natural disasters.

We don’t understand how the younger brother is able to traffic with the elements and organs of his own mother. As children of the water, earth, wind and fire we know from immemorial times that the strength of our spirit comes from these elements.
Water is like our spirit, it never changes its essence, even taking multiple forms: cloud, lakes and rivers, dew on the trees, moisture in the atmosphere. In the field of its many manifestations, the essence of our spirit remains unchanged.
Our law is the law of the water, is the law of the sun, the law of lightning. It doesn’t admit reforms, it doesn’t accept constitutions or policies, because our law that governs life remains over time. For harmony in our lives again, it is necessary that the law created by men respects and obeys the law of origin, natural law, the law of life, the supreme law of the Mamos.

We invite all our younger brothers to join us in the sacred mission of being guardians of life, in a spiritual network for the defense of our unique heritage: Mother Earth.

We ratify our commitment to Séineken, with the peace of our country and the world, and we make the call from the Sierra Nevada (North of Colombia) for solidarity, unity, peace and spirituality to all nations and people. Our unwavering goal is that all Colombia lead a movement in defense of Mother Earth and life in all its manifestations.
We reaffirm our desire to live, to keep striving for life and to continue defending the planet’s biodiversity. It is our ancestral duty; if we don’t accomplish with it, there will be men, but no survivors in the full sense of the word.

Finally, we formally record that if the younger brother attends our call and our recommendations, we promise to activate all energy fields, in order to prevent further damage to the planet, the destruction of many lives and the terrible economic disasters looming on the horizon. Let’s forget the fact that there wasn’t this awareness in the past, and let’s contemplate confidence about the future.