Meeting IKWASHENDWNA (Life Saving Plan) in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia

Colombia, June 2013
Between May 15 and 20th in 2013, in the town of Wiwa in the Tezhúmake territory of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Santa Marta (Colombia) different representatives of the traditional pueblos there met to reflect and search for solutions to the real inequalities found in society.
The meeting was part of a plan called IKWASHENDWNA or “Life Saving Plan” which traditional authorities attended who represented the following pueblos and organizations: Altai, Arhuaco, Ashaninka, the Cuna Dule Nation, Hopi, Harakmbut, Kogi, Mapuche, Misak – Misak Identity, Muinane, Nakota, Otomí-Yumhu, Poyanawa, Q´eros, Murui Muina, Bora of Predio Putumayo, Wiwa, Kankuamo, Wixárica, the Vaishnava Community of Colombia, the Muslim Community of Colombia and the World Conscious Pact. Together, the assembly declared:
“We’ve analyzed the actual situation of inequality that is found in the societies of the world due to our straying from the principles- the original mandates of life. We understand that the aboriginal societies are the ones which still continue to guard these principles. We see the urgent necessity to follow their council to determine the original way, which will help us to live these principles and reverse the situation created by the cultural and spiritual deterioration that has affected all of the dimensions of life on the planet.
Together we want to revitalize the principles- the original mandates of life. We insist on the necessity to establish a plan to revive and maintain the equilibrium of mother earth and the life she gives through a process of reestablishing peace and universal balance which a healthy life nurtures. All towns, nationalities and other participants commit ourselves to spreading the message of IKWASHENDWNA for the cause of universal peace, and construct a weaving of Spiritual Reserves from the identities of the aboriginal communities, so that humanity can work under the guidance of the principles- the original mandates of life.”
This meeting was of great importance. It fortified the unifying work that different pueblos and organizations are realizing around the planet. The creation of a World Conscious Pact (originating years ago in the same Colombian Sierra Nevada) as a response to the necessity of the union of traditional cultures and idealistic people who look to protect the values of life under any circumstance, were strengthened in this intercultural encounter. For this reason the work of the WCP and the previously mentioned organizations will continue in the same line of action to propagate consciousness and respect in all directions, proposing practical solutions and including all the organizations and individuals who fight for the same ideals.
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Read the minutes of the meeting