Humanity’s trial (play)


-Einstein/ scientist
-Judge (typical English judge, with white wig)
-Life (dressed in blue, representing water)
-Cow (Life’s witness)
-Mother Earth
-Humanity (Woman accused dressed with large white cloth or some sort of dress indicating that
she is a prisoner)
-Humanity’s lawyer
-Mercy (Angelical woman)
-Extras infiltrated in public

To introduce the play, there’s a sound, could be music, sound of drums or an explosion, something
that gets the public’s attention. Einstein comes in with a briefcase, chest or big box; he comes in
very excited, connecting the public to the play that is about to begin. He puts the box in the middle
of the stage and starts getting things out of the box, looking for something, until he finally finds
what he was looking for.

Einstein gets a sign out that says: “TRIAL FOR HUMANITY”

EINSTEIN: Ah, finally humanity will be judged! All their crimes, all the exploitation, all the
injustices!!! I, who am a scientist, know how current scientists are, they don’t want to know of
anything but their fame and selfishness, do testing on animals, and degrade the environment,
what an embarrassment! Of course humanity needs to be judged! But who had this brilliant
idea to judge humanity? (he then looks inside the box again and takes out another sign that
says: “THE WORK OF SPOON REVOLUTION”) Spoon! Wonderful, Spoon Revolution! A revolution
without suffering, with no weapons, no bombs or wastes, a revolution of PEACE and LOVE. And
who will win now with this revolution? Could it be that now we’ll actually have a true revolution
that defends the rights of those who can’t defend themselves? Let’s see… (he goes to look inside
the box again and finds another sign that says “For Mother Earth”) Hahahaha, now we’ll judge
humanity and defend the rights of Mother Earth with this revolution! Not all is lost, so now, ladies
and gentlemen, we’re going to be very attentive to this important trial, and lets welcome it with a
round of applause.

JUDGE: Silence! Silence! Order, order in the court room please! We are all gathered in this
honorable trial to set things straight. Bring the defendant in, the defense lawyer and the plaintiffs.
(Everyone comes in) Humanity is now in the hands of justice, deprived of freedom and is being
accused of several crimes. Today we will determine if she is guilty or innocent…

EVERYONE: Humanity is guilty! GUILTY! GUILTY!

JUDGE: Order! Please! The Honorable Supreme Court of the Original Kingdom now begins this
important trial. We expect everyone’s participation and we ask objectivity and intelligence in your
observations, we need to listen to everyone’s opinions to go through the adequate procedures
and guarantee partiality and fairness. So please, defendant, defense lawyer and plaintiffs take
your places so we can begin. (The parties take a side of the stage) Let’s take the oath, do you

swear before this honorable assembly to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

EVERYONE: Yes, we swear.

JUDGE: Okay, parting from that, could the first plaintiff come forward. (Life comes front of the
judge and court) What is your name?

LIFE: I am Life.

JUDGE: … Life… Alright, could you please explain what Life has to tell us in this trial?

LIFE: That Humanity is guilty! I’m very troubled because of Humanity, she is responsible of
countless catastrophes, violent and merciless deaths of many creatures, animals, people, plants…
Humankind is a threat to all forms of life that inhabit this beautiful planet, and that’s why…
LAWYER: Objection!

JUDGE: Silence! Let Life finish her argument, defense will also have her opportunity to talk. We are
going to respect each other, (speaking to Life) continue please.

LIFE: That, your honor, in conclusion, Humanity is the worst threat to life and definitely, so that I
can live, it is necessary that she is sentenced to death!

JUDGE: Okay, my function in this court is to listen to both parties with equality and in the end, give
a verdict. Does the defense have anything to add?

LAWYER: Yes your excellence. Life’s arguments have no foundation, these catastrophes she
blames Humanity for are caused by nature, the deaths of animals, people and plants weren’t
violent, they were for survival, science has determined that it is absolutely impossible to survive in
this world without killing other living beings. How are we going to eat? How will Humanity be able
to generate real development? It’s necessary to sacrifice a few animals, plants and even people,
it’s inevitable! It’s natural! It’s always been this way and always will be, it’s part of progress and
our freedom.

LIFE: Freedom? Progress? Stop it! That’s nothing more than.

JUDGE: Order! You already got your turn, we’re going to respect. If the defense has nothing more
to add, I want to know if Life has any witnesses to sustain her serious accusations.

LIFE: Yes your honor, I brought one of Humanity’s greatest victims with me, one of the most
humiliated and abused by Humanity, I’d like you to listen to what the cow has to say.

JUDGE: Bring in the Cow, please. (Cow comes in) Mrs. Cow, please, tell us.

COW: Yes judge, Humanity has kept me their slave for a long time, having to plow their land,
transport their loads, help plant their seeds. What’s more, they never cease to rob me of my
milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter. ME! I only eat grass, I feel only great love for Humanity and have
treated her as if she was my own daughter and still she exploits me with no mercy, treats me with
much violence, mi poor children are taken from my womb needlessly and without compassion,
all just to satisfy the gluttony of Humanity. Even poor Bull is also a victim of violence of Humanity,
who tortures him only for amusement. Humanity treats us worse than slaves. Our dung is the
best fertilizer for organic agriculture; humans aren’t making good use of our manure, generating
barren lands, contaminating water, air and increasing global warming in so many ways. This is my

LIFE: This is Cow’s testimony; we could also call on Hen, Pig, Sheep, zoo animals, those animals
who are used in laboratory testing and in the circus for more evidence of Humanity’s cruelty.

JUDGE: It’s enough, we have enough evidence. Any defense Humanity?

LAWYER: It’s evident that it is a hard job to cultivate the land; it’s easier to cut down forests, sell
cows and have enormous crops of transgenic soy and grains. Also, it’s very clear that we’ll have
a greater chance of generating income and earnings with the sacrifice of a few cows and other
inferior animals, cutting back time and effort and spending, which gives us more time to have fun
in bars, casinos, sports games and other entertainment that is so important and essential for the
health and wellbeing of Humanity.

LIFE: You are lazy! Insensitive!!!

JUDGE: Silence! Continue please.

HUMANITY: There are billions of us, we need to feed ourselves! We take fish from the water to
eat, we raise the cattle to eat, what is the problem?

LIFE: Objection!

JUDGE: Granted.

LIFE: It’s a lie! It’s all the opposite; they leave billions to starve only to get profit. They take the
grains and feed them to the animals, only to kill them and eat them. Why not eat the grains
directly? And what about the lands worked with barley to make beer, lands used to plant tobacco,
marihuana, opium… If their interest was to protect life, with all that land and resources they could
plant grains to feed millions of human beings.

JUDGE: Alright, I’ve heard enough Life, I thank you and your witness, you can take a seat. May the
next plaintiff come forward to present their accusations?

MOTHER EARTH: I am Mother Earth, and I’m now taking a stand against Humanity for abusing me.
She is a farce! She takes advantage of my generosity only to enjoy, exploiting the resources that I
offer to the highest extent, and exploiting all her brothers and sisters. All that was important and
sacred was corrupted by Humanity, and this way, almost the entire world has forgotten about me,
seeing me only as an object of exploitation. Now they only venerate consumerism and every day
they are further away from true Universal Love, which is the only truly valuable goal to aspire in
this life. I can’t really completely agree to death sentence, but I do recognize that humanity needs
to be punished severely and this way begin a real transformation. This is what I declare.

JUDGE: Interesting, very interesting. Thank you, does the defense have any objections?

LAWYER: Of course I do. All of this is false. All this Pacha Mama, Universe Mother nonsense is
nothing more than neo hippism, all lies of the so called “new era”. Humanity cannot continue
believing in things that no one can see. All of that is a thing of the past, of another time. Humanity
needs to evolve. To control nature, Humanity created science, much more efficient and lucrative,
much more objective and real, we have to embrace these modern times and I think everyone here
agrees with that right? (confusion in the courtroom, everyone looks at each other and talks at the
same time, except Peace who is watching everything closely)

JUDGE: Please! I ask you all to keep calm, we aren’t going to get anywhere like this… (Turning to
Peace) You’re very quiet there, who are you? Would you like to take the stand?

PEACE: Of course your honor, thank you. I am Peace, and I want to accuse Humanity of being a
hypocrite, she merely uses me as a symbol, she makes manifestations in my name and starts wars
simultaneously, creating terrorism, placing bombs, stealing, people all over the world starving,
all creatures treated violently with no mercy or pity, the entire world being degraded each day
more and more. I am not simply a white dove to place on a sign, I am a fundamental principle for
living in harmony, and I ask in this honorable assembly that Humanity pays for all their crimes
committed in my name and against me.

JUDGE: Does the defense have any arguments?

LAWYER: We are tired of listening to so many lies. All wars that have been fought were necessary
to defend territory and it is clear that in wars we need bombs, weapons and violence and there
will be casualties. All was done in name of justice, we cannot have peace if we leave our interests
to the side, wars are necessary, the make part of our nature as a species. It was thanks to wars
that we reached such high level of evolution.

PEACE: This hypocrite deserves no forgiveness, only manifesting for her own benefit, if we let her
free she will always lie! We must end this massacre to the earth, the environment, animals and

MADRE TIERRA: It’s true, Humanity has no real arguments to defend herself, the proof is evident,
she is guilty.

LIFE: And still now she has the nerve to deny everything, after exploiting nature, taking millions
of species to extinction, destroying the ozone layer, Humanity still pollutes and kills everything
around her. We need to condemn this madness, it’s unfortunate, but Humanity deserves nothing
but death.

HUMANITY: (desperate) No please!

JUDGE: Silence! Please, now that everyone has spoken, I need silence to give my verdict. (Silence
in the courtroom) Well, with all these accusations and arrogant attitude of Humanity, after this
evidence and testimonies that were presented before us, the Supreme Court of the Original
Kingdom declares Humanity guilty and sentenced to death. (Noise and uproar in general,
Humanity starts crying, the Lawyer objects, the plaintiffs scream out JUSTICE) Silence! Your own
actions are leading you to self destruction. Your punishment will be the disappearance of seeds
and emergence of transgenic crops, the uncontrollable rise of sea level, holocausts, and the end to
one of the most precious treasures of this planet, fresh water. So today, we will have a symbolic
execution of Humanity by the present executioners. Prepare everything, and take children outside
for this will be an unpleasant punishment.
(Humanity is tied and her head is placed upon a wood block, being prepared for decapitation, the
executioners come in very seriously, bearing axes)

HUMANITY: Mercy, please!!!
(Mercy comes in running through the audience, screaming excuse me, let me through!)

JUDGE: Who are you? Humanity is being condemned for the atrocities she has committed
throughout her stay here, the verdict has been declared.

MERCY: I am Mercy, you must give Humanity another chance!

HUMANITY: I’ll change!

MERCY: Listen to her, she has repented.

JUDGE: And how will this change be?

MERCY: Humanity needs to be merciful with herself, with animals, with forests and wildlife, rivers
and the ocean.

LAWYER: (calm and diplomatic) Please, tell us what we must do, we want to change and are
willing to do anything.

MERCY: (speaking towards the lawyer) But a change won’t be easy because there is a lot of
hypocrisy, especially from big corporations that direct and use Humanity’s ignorance. I’ll give a few
guide rules, but don’t forget that if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

1. Humanity must learn to love one another. We are all sons of Mother Nature and we must take
care of each other, no animal should be sacrificed, a merciful diet is a vegetarian one.
2. Humanity must stop polluting water, earth and air, changing to produce and consume only
organic products.
3. Humanity must stop producing unnecessary items. The resources of the Earth aren’t bank’s
paper. Happiness is inside each one of you, we need less consumerism and more consciousness. I
definitely want to condemn TV’s materialistic publicity.
4. Whoever wants to enroll in merciful amnesty must eliminate TV from their home and only
work in the consciousness of Universal LOVE. Together we will fight against ignorance, growing
consciousness, uniting our strengths, with love and without discrimination.

If this assembly truly looks for a positive effect on Humanity, it’ll have to come to these
conclusions and plant these solutions everywhere in the world where there is inequality,
exploitation, injustices, abuse and murders.

(Mercy invites everyone to participate in “I promise”) Now, all those who want mercy must
promise this honorable assembly the following

1. Respect the life of my fellow human beings and animals. Promise? (EVERYONE, including
audience, I promise)
2. Stop tossing plastics, chemicals and toxic garbage in the water. Promise? (Everyone: I promise)
3. Support organic crops, without agro toxics. Promise? (Everyone: I promise)
4. Stop wasting my life in the ignorance promoted by TV or other contaminating entertainment.
Promise? (Everyone: I promise)
5. Take good care of family. Promise? (Everyone: I promise)
6. Eat mercifully. Promise? (Everyone: I promise)
7. Not do onto others what I wouldn’t like done to me. Promise? (Everyone: I promise)
8. Be grateful for all the mercy I’ve received and be merciful with others. Promise? (Everyone: I
9. Join others who have the same determinations as I do. Promise? (Everyone: I promise)
10. Do NOT buy anything from those who do not respect the principles of mercy. Promise?
(Everyone: I promise)
11. Support and protect the rights of those who cannot defend themselves. Promise? (Everyone: I
12. Become an activist of the change I want to see in Humanity. Promise? (Everyone: I promise)
13. Protect nature and the natives from the greed and irresponsible acts of corporations seeking
power and money. Promise? (Everyone: I promise)
14. Be loyal to the ideals of Mercy, because if we don’t take care of and stand up for Mother Earth,
and if we don’t promote Universal Love, Humanity won’t stand a chance. Promise? (Everyone: I

JUDGE: Alright, now that we’ve established this pledge with Humanity before our honorable
audience and assembly, we expect and hope that she will keep her promises, knowing that the
Supreme Court of the Original Kingdom will no longer allow horrible crimes, will always be alert
to keep these principles and watch over Universal Love between all the beings that inhabit this
beautiful planet. Meeting is adjourned.