Complete Nabusimake Declaration


In the exercise of our autonomy and in compliance with the Law of Origin, in the heart of the Ati Seynekun, Our Mother Earth, the Arhuaco People, represented through its Chapter Governor, along with leaders of community processes, representatives of the network custodians of native seed, namely:

Leaders of the Native seeds from Brazil Network (Landless Movement), France (Cocopell), Austria, Mexico, representatives of indigenous peoples, people Vaishnava, the indigenous support of Embera Chami Cañamomo Lomaprieta, Family of the Earth, World Conscious Pact, University of Ancestral Wisdom, Canto Water, Council of Sustainable Settlements of the Americas (CASA), National Ecovillage Network (RENACE), Project EcoAtmosferas, Ecovillage Pachamama, Ecovillage Antakarana, Ecovillage Nashira, Guaira Sicha, Villa Utopia Café Anei, Roads Identity Foundation, Cultural Foundation Sahagún (FUNCULSA), All Ground, social organizations and movements of social weaving and agroecological present.

Considering that at the beginning we all are seeds, animals, minerals, plants, and humans; we are cosmic seeds energized by the sun, moon and stars. The seed connects us to pluriverse and as it grows, expands the creation through their knowledge and understanding, in this process the knowledge is dedusted and the human wisdom becomes stronger.

We declare

1. We reject the criminalization

We reject the criminalization of native seeds and farmers and indigenous people who grow them, raised to rule in the Law 1032 of 2006 in its 4th article amended the Article 306 of the Penal Code; the inclusion of Colombia in the UPOV91 (International Convention of Protection of New Plant Varieties), supported by the Congress through the law 1518 of April 2012, declared unconstitutional by ruling of the Constitutional Court C105112, as well as the commercial release of genetically modified seeds in Colombia, as happened GM cotton with BT and RR corn Monsanto, with the approval of the Committees National Technicians for the Modified Organismsfor agricultural purposes and use in health and human consumption that support the decisions of the national authorities Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia and the Ministry of Social Welfare, now the Ministry of Health, with the support of Invima and Ica.

2. We demand the the 9.70 resolution gets repealed

We demand the resolution 9.70 issued by the ICA and any intention of legal manipulation to facilitate deprotection of the native seed, in favor of the patented seeds, GM seeds, hybrid and/or genetically modified seeds gets repealed, given that these technologies cause the loss of our alimentary sovereignty, create dependency and sterilize the seeds and soil.

3. Consider that it is necessary to strengthen the nets of the custodians of native seeds

We believe it is necessary to strengthen the network of custodians of the native and wild seeds in Colombia and Latin America, implementing sustainable and independent models as the ancestral agriculture, biological, biodynamic, natural, organic and permaculture.

4. We declare suitable spaces for the custodians of seeds

Suitable spaces for custodians of the native seeds and indigenous ancestral territories, which have the support of the organizations and leaders of national and international agro-ecological movements are declared.

5. We will prioritize the dialogues with the Government.

We will prioritize the dialogue with the national government so that the Agroecological reserves in Colombia have a legal structure, since we are the second highest country speaking about diversity in the world, and like the flora and fauna reserves were legally respected, they must also protect territories, knowledge and traditional and ancestral customs of the indigenous peoples.

6. We ask the national government for indigenous peoples take part of the National Committee.

We ask the national government that indigenous peoples become part of the National Biosafety Committee in Colombia, so autonomously, in the light of the self-government, they have geographically appropriate spaces to develop conservation practices.

7. We declare to Nabusimake as a free-of-transgenics territory

We declare to Nabusimake as a GMOs and pesticides-free territory because the usage of transgenic products are a threat to public, agricultural and environmental health because of the risk that their use entails.

8. A call on all indigenous territories

We call every indigenous territory, ecovillages, urban and similar to adhere to this new map called “Kariba (COLOMBIA) GMO free”.

9. We demand a law of hydrographic systems

We demand a law of hydrographic systems that enables the recovering of rivers, wetlands and moors; and also protecting and recognizing water as a computer element of a territory.

10. We will use the various artistic and cultural media as a means of dissemination

We will use different artistic and cultural media as a means of dissemination of the issues cited herein, with emphasis on the importance of native seed and their ancestral domain, uses and knowledge, in the same way as the respect for the life cycles of the universe as a source of balance.

11. We call for the strengthening of the steering system

We call for the strengthening of the steering system guided by our traditional authorities, because the words of the Mamos, knowledge carriers and grandparents are words of authority over life about the vital cycles in coexistence of all the knowledge

12. We recognize the existence of other worldviews with which we can coexist

We recognize the existence of other worldviews with which we can coexist and cooperate in the protection of the rights of mother earth. Taking care of Mother Seynekun’s seed, we take care of the seed of the humanity.

13. It is necessary to activate the sacred mapping Colombia

It is necessary to activate the sacred mapping Colombia and deliver native seeds as an ancient messenger of biodiversity, so the multiply and Colombia reborns.

14.We declare genetic resources

Declare genetic resources, as dictated by the Sé Law (Origin), as a Good Humanity Heritage, managed by indigenous peoples who are traditional farmers.

We are seeds and we auto recognize us as Custodies and Custodians of the Seeds of Cosmos, because in them lies our Origin of Live Weavings with the Elemends and we Do it in Our Time as in the worldview Law Sé, Natural law.

Those attending the event and who feel in his heart the call of Ati Seynekun, Mother Nature. Signed this Declaration.

Please Spread in honor of All Living Beings.

Source: Se Origen