Conscious Hip-Hop Artist


Prince Ea (born as Richard Williams) is an American poet, famous for his messages on topics such as politics, environmentalism and social activism. His way of expressing himself is through conscious hip-hop songs, posted on his YouTube channel ( ). He has over 300 million views on Facebook and YouTube. His own words are that he wants to make people laugh, cry, think and aim for the higher ideals in life. He is sincere, eloquent, gets straight to the point and his messages can reach deep down to one’s heart. He touches hot topics such as racism, ecology, life issues and different kinds of problems which the modern society faces every single day.

Prince Ea has the power to agitate almost every viewer behind the screen to stand up and take action, to consider what is important in life and to prioritize, to stop complaining and wasting time. He believes that the grace of God is working through him by spreading awareness and inspiring people to find the power to change the world within themselves because the change should happen from inside out.

In 2009 he founded an organization called “Make SMART Cool” (SMART is standing for Sophisticating Millions and Revolutionizing Thought). Through this organization Prince Ea (name coming from Sumerian mythology meaning “The Prince of the Earth”) is meeting with students, delivering speeches at universities and conducting mentorship programs, thus aiming to create a future generation of conscious leaders. He managed to put “smart” outside of the academic context and thus broadening the meaning to a desire for knowledge.

We share with you this video as a reminder that love is the answer to all problems in our world and we only need to awaken the power within us to trigger the change for a new beginning.