ASPARTAME and Connecting the Dots.

Aspartame A Dangerous Excitotoxin.

Animals Are Not Ours To Wear

Before being turned into fur coats, millions of minks, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, and other animals languish in filthy, cramped cages on fur farms or struggle in excruciating...

PETA Protests Canadian Seal Hunting

PETA activists gathered at the Canadian embassy in Tokyo on Wednesday to protest hunting of seal products, which the group says is unnecessarily cruel...

No more “Ole!”: Anti-bullfighting protests in Bogota, Colombia

Young people march, chant, and agitate against bullfighting in the Colombian capital of Bogota. February was the national month for bullfighting, and the protest...

say no to abortion

say no to abortion

John Mayer – Waiting On The World To Change

The vast Cost of Europe’s cheap meat (criminal US-corporations exploitin

Much of the cheap meat and dairy produce sold in supermarkets across Europe is arriving as a result of serious human rights abuses and...

Famous Vegetarians

Video about famous Vegetarians and Vegans.

The circus is no fun for animals

This primate from Stardust Circus can be seen continuously pacing in his/her cage. This is stereotypical behaviour of bored and frustrated animals kept in...

Food Matters – We are What we eat

This is a short 10 minute snippet of the full length movie Food Matters. If we put organic, whole foods in our body, it...

Anime movie Origin Spirits Of The Past

Campaign for the preservation of tropical forests

The Impact of Mining on Goa’s Environment

Goa is on the Western Ghats which is one of the World's ecological hotspots! Save Goa from indiscriminate and illegal mining!

Fibers of recycling bottles

The WCP supports all types recycling materials of hard degradation. This video presents another way to recycle bottles, taking from them fibers useful as building material .

Ganga river not fit for bathing and taking dips in Allahabad:...

Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways!

Planet 100: Combating Prostitution with Deforestation

Today, on Planet 100, a town in Italy discourages prostitution by leveling a forest, the Obama administration lifts the moratorium on new deepwater drilling...

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – Aspartame

Aspartame is sweeter than sugar and packs less of a caloric punch. Sounds cool, right? So why has aspartame become one of the most...
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