Support Chief Raoni


This page is here to support Chief Raoni of the Kayapo against the building of the Belo Monte dam in The Amazon Rainforest. This will be the third largest dam in the world, the first of 59 Dams in the Rainforest, planned by Brazil’s President, Dilma Rousseff. Brazil aims to build over 400 dams by 2030.

It is also here to spread the word about the Genocide being visited upon many Indigenous People around the world right now, as their land, rivers, mountains and forests are stolen by the Corporations and Crooked Politicians who live only for Power & Greed!

Here to tell the story of these Incredible People who have survived so much Hateful and Holocaustic behaviour towards them. The Indigenous People are The Guardians of Mother Earth. They are Rich in Infinite Wisdom, Respect and Love. They know they are merely a *part* of the whole Picture of Life, that each of us is Related to each other, to Every Other Species that lives upon this Beautiful Planet we are Blessed To Call Home..

Dilma Rousseff has chosen to ignore deep concern from the United Nations and Amnesty International about her Government’s treatment of the Indigenous People of the Rainforest, cutting all ties and $800,000 of funding from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. She has ignored millions of signatures against Belo Monte, 1.3 MILLION of which were raised by her own people in just over ONE WEEK by the Projeto Gota D’Agua Campain (Drop of Water campaign) also she has ignored countless protests around the world.

Her Presidential Campaign was funded by many of the Corporate Companies who have now been given the contracts to build Belo Monte…..and she chose to only veto 12 out of 84 sections of the new Forest Code, which the WWF say will NOT be enough to save the Amazon Rainforest..

She seems to be out of control..and that loss of sense, of reason, of compassion for her Indigenous People, will end up causing Genocide and Catastrophic Global Climate Changes, of which we are already in the process of starting to live through.

ALL this is being done along with countless mega-dams being built right across South America, eventually to be linked up so that goods can be shipped easily to China and North America..and in the past few days (June 2012) Bianca Jagger has spoken out about this very subject, calling for the world to Wake Up, FAST!

We have a CHOICE! We either sit back and let this happen, give in to ALL those around our planet who are causing devastating, irreverstible destruction, as never before, due to Mega-Dams, Deforestation, Fracking, Mountain Top Removal, Mother Earth Removal, Oil Polluted Oceans….OR, we Rise Up TOGETHER, as The 99% that we now are, to STOP this Insanity, FOREVER, for this truly IS The Eleventh Hour, and this is our Children’s Future, our Grandchildren’s and ALL who Come After…

We MUST now live our lives for The Seventh Generation, ensuring we leave this planet in a better state, for them, than we found it. At present, we are failing in every way possible. Time to CHANGE!!

The Indigenous People of the World are Coming Together as Never Before, to Call Us Home, back to their way of life, a way of life we left, so very long ago…

“25% of our oxygen, or every 4th breath of air we inhale, can be attributed to the Amazon Rain Forest. What happens to the web of life affects us all. The Belo Monte Dam is the first of 60 dams proposed by Brazil. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?” – Jack Kohler